Raul Magdaleno is an internationally known, community servant leader and professional empowerment speaker with an inspiring story that stresses the importance of never giving up on the pursuit of an education despite the challenges involved. Today Raul is giving back to the community by dedicating his life to higher education. His message challenges students and encourages them to be resilient in their journey to higher education. Through the use of powerful real life narratives, Raul’s message inspires and motivates his audience to action. Raul also speaks to organizations about the importance of diversity and community engagement…[read more]



The empowerment performance, “DON’T QUIT.” is an initiative to motivate students through a real life narrative calling students to action while providing them the tools needed to affect change within themselves and in their community. During the empowerment speech Raul shares his slums to success life story interpreted through various creative  forms…[read more]


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