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I’ve been researching some other motivational speakers. Is Raul’s presentation better than other ones out there?

It is evident there are many great speakers out there with their own unique story and we encourage you to do some research to best fit your needs. Raul has shared to over 170, 000 students across the country his story of resilience and how he overcame his incredible obstacles through education as the catalyst for positive change. A sample survey conducted by the SMU Center for Child and Community Development observed that 100 % of the participants rated Raul as ‘BEST” when asked, “In comparison to the value of other speakers you have contracted in the past, where does Raul stand?”


Yes,  In fact, of that percentage, 100% said they were “Very Satisfied” with the presentation quality.  Moreover, 100% of respondents were “Very Satisfied” with the overall quality of the empowerment performance.

These numbers are too good to be true. Prove it.

You can read Raul’s reviews and see for yourself!

What can we expect from Raul’s empowerment performance?

Our ultimate goal is to EDUCATE. ENGAGE. EMPOWER. You can expect it to be one of the best investments you have made in your life by inviting Raul to your event.

How much will it cost to have Raul speak to my students?

There is no price lock for Raul to speak. We would be honored to work with you in empowering your audience, while staying within your budget. You can rest assure that the value of Raul’s presentation will meet, and perhaps exceed, your expectations. Submit a contact form HERE and Raul’s booking manager will be in touch within two business days to discuss details.

Is Raul one of those motivational speakers who speak to you at an event and never hear back from again?

Nope. Raul has his own blog in which he will aim to engage dialogue between students, professionals and our community leaders. He encourages ongoing communication and welcomes comments and feedback!

What is the topic of Raul’s empowerment performances?

Raul Magdaleno is a nationally known, professional empowerment speaker with an inspiring story that stresses the importance of never giving up on the pursuit of an education despite the challenges involved. He speaks to parents and adults who work with youth to help them better understand how to support them. Raul has also spoken at national corporate conferences as well as nonprofit events; however, we are more than willing to tailor the messaging of the empowerment performance to your specific needs.

I want Raul to come speak to my students on Pillow Pet Appreciation Day about the various benefits of Pillow Pets. Can he speak about that?

Yeaaahhh….about that. Again, Raul can take his core message of resilience and can tailor it towards pretty much any issue like bullying, teen pregnancy, self-efficacy, social/economic barriers, drugs/alcohol and diversity . If you want to focus on other topics, such as Pillow Pets, just let us know and we would love to accommodate to your needs.

How long is Raul’s presentation?

45 minutes to an hour. The empowerment performance engages students with Q&A and “real talk.” 100% of all past clients said they were “Very Satisfied” with the length of the performance. Most expressed a desire for it to last longer!

Raul looks like a young guy. How much would he know?

Independent of being a stellar professional with exemplary community urban development initiatives (he was instrumental in securing over $10 million in financial aid for underserved students and founded Texas’ first Hispanic Youth Institute at SMU), Raul can also easily relate and engage students of all ages. His extensive work experience in the community at such an early age enables him to relate to diverse audiences.

My school/business is located in the Amazon Rainforest. Can we book Raul to come and speak to us?

Sure! Raul’s team is committed to providing guidance and support to corporations, non-profits, government agencies and school districts around the globe. Contact us to discuss your needs and travel accommodations.

Can he come speak like….. tomorrow?

Raul’s schedule is filling up fast! Please contact us to discuss your needs.



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