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The Magdaleno Leadership Institute

The Magdaleno Leadership Institute (MLI) is a nonprofit devoted to building youth for the purposes of servant leadership, academic excellence and civic empowerment. We accomplish these objectives through volunteer work with charitable organizations and engagement in projects that make our communities better places to live and work. More importantly, we hope to use our continual growth and development to create additional servant leaders.

“The Magdaleno Leadership Institute (MLI) strives to create a culture of college-going youth who will spark a paradigm shift in how we view leadership, wherein, a good leader entails first and foremost, being a great servant to his community.” 


The purposes of this organization are to:

a)   Encourage more youth to volunteer with charitable organizations and/or create organizations that address unmet needs.
b)   Engage in community and entrepreneurial projects that make our communities better places to live and work.

The pillars of MLI:
a)  Servant Leadership
b)  Academic Excellence
c)  Civic Empowerment

MLI takes a developmental approach to the nation’s young population drop out rate and aptitude epidemic. We are giving students the knowledge and tools in order to empower themselves to become the positive change they wish to see in their respective communities. MLI is urgently building the next generation of servant leaders with the aim of initiating an offset and, eventually, overcoming many of the negative aftereffects of poor self-efficacy.


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