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The Journey Is The Reward

Erik Burgos World Changer

Erik Burgos
World Changer

The Journey Is The Reward

By Erik Burgos

I just finished a conversation with a friend on the phone that really got me to solidify my conviction for the idea of joy and fulfillment. I am not going to write a novel about my reflections on this. I wish to simply throw my idea out there and you decide to throw it back and forth.

In simplest terms: The Journey is the reward. 

We grow up in societal constructs that allow us to create milestones for ourselves, or “points” in our lives where we can stop and celebrate our accomplishments or blessings. I challenge this notion and say that it is not these points in our lives wherein we are given a piece of paper or metal or fancy plexy glass that we should feel most fulfilled. I would say it is the journey, the process and the story we created for ourselves to get there that is most noteworthy. After all, that is what living is! The blood, sweat and tears that you had to sacrifice to mold you into the citizen of the universe you are today. That is more valuable. That is what builds character. That is what builds your destiny. We overlook the journey in reaching our goals; when we meet them, we are happy momentarily but are quickly turned around by our own expectations to do more and more…we become slaves to achievement, riches and glory.

As a child, I remember being asked to connect the dots in some learning exercises. In hindsight, it wasn’t about the dots themselves that made the experience special. They were already there, pre-printed in its stale glory. It was the unique lines and paths I drew to connect the dots that made it special. In my experience, I have had to connect the dots life has dealt me with my own path, with the noticeable difference that this time the dots were not numbered and there is no set of rules to dictate how the points should be connected. As I look back to the drawn path, my life, it is not clear what it will become. All I know is that I must never stop this beautiful journey; it is the reward and heaven in disguise.

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